Safety professionals urge moms and dads to inspect kid seats for mistakes

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Two weeks after a violent automobile crash in Lawrence took the life of a 20-year-old father and his 1-year-old son, safety professionals are advising all moms and dads to take actions to make sure their own children are appropriately limited in their vehicles.

Because we see on an all too frequent basis, the terrible results of automobile crashes where there are kid or baby deaths, said Lawrence Police Chief David Hofmann. What we re speaking about here is the absolute most precious, innocent, deserving cargo that you can think of that you would ever carry in a vehicle.

Robert Valentine III and his 1-year-old son, Robert Valentine IV, both passed away after a March 9 crash on Pendleton Pike when cops state the daddy veered throughout the center line into oncoming traffic. The kid s mother and 3 other children were injured in the crash and are now recovering.

Private investigators determined that the 1-year-old boy passed away as an outcome of being improperly attached into a safety seat that was the incorrect size for him. The kid remained in the car seat, but suffered serious injury because he was not safely protected.

I think the parents were doing exactly what they believed was right, Hofmann said. Certainly, there was a safety seat there, but there were some setup concerns. We learn a lot  like this.

On Wednesday, Lawrence Police organized a safety presentation with authorities from Saint Vincent Hospital in Fishers, and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The presentation was meant to highlight the significance of kid seat safety.

Almost every time I do a safety seat safety check here at Fishers I face a minimum of one thing that the parents are doing incorrect, said Amanda Craft, an authorized safety seat safety service technician.

Craft said the most typical mistakes she sees include seats and seat bases that are installed too loosely in a car. She stayed an effectively installed seat or base must not have the ability to move more than one inch when it is tightly secured. She likewise stated lots of moms and dads leave their children s shoulder too loose. A moms and dad can tell if a shoulder strap is tight enough by aiming to pinch a fold in the strap after it is buckled, Craft stayed. If you can t pinch the strap together, it s tight enough.

If those harnesses are not tight enough, that kid can come right out of the car seat, Craft said.

Another typical mistake moms and dads make is hanging dangling toys, created to captivate a child. The toys are popular in shops, Craft stayed, but the car seats are not crash checked with toys or other products connected. The dangling toys can end up being harmful projectiles in a crash.

Since guidelines and guidelines relating to kid seats tend to alter every couple of years, specialists state the very best way to make sure you re doing things right is to go to a Child Seat Inspection site.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute preserves a network of more than 100 inspection places across the state of Indiana. At those websites, you can have an expert go through your vehicle with your kids and inspect making sure everything is effectively set up and fastened. Some areas require you to call ahead and set up a visit. At others, you can merely increase.

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